Thursday, May 28, 2015

How to Make Money with a Home Based Business and a Life

You think you don't have the time to start a business. Think again!  

Here's Amy's testimony. She's a Homeschooling mother of 7!!! Anyone would think she doesn't have the time or energy to run a business. Think again! Amy shares.... 

I first started Plexus in March of last year because my most trusted nutritional guru of a friend told me about it. Picture the crunchiest mama you know, who researches every ingredient and leads a completely holistic lifestyle...that was my friend. She had seen me struggling trying to lose the last 15 lbs of baby weight. I replaced one meal a day with a shake (yummy) but I felt cheated because I wasn't actually chewing (I like to chew) and I felt like I would overeat at the next meal. I worked out at the gym everyday (I loathe working out) I know! I know! It is good for me but the last thing I want to do when I get a free moment is that! But I still was not losing like I hoped and I was crabby.

When I bought my Plexus products I signed up as an ambassador because it made my products cheaper and the membership was only $34.95 with no quotas. Within the first week of being on Plexus I lost 4 lbs and then by week 2 a total of 7lbs. I was so excited. I kept with it and ended up losing a total of 15lbs.The weight though was not even the most successful part...I had so much energy that I could run laps around my kids. I used to be the mom that scheduled everything around nap times because I too, was going to nap. Not anymore! I also suffered from pre-menopausal symptoms since the age of 28 (34 years old now). Every night I would have horrible night sweats and my hair was falling out in handfuls. By month 2 all that had changed. My hormones were finally balanced. I also have no more IBS (irritable bowel syndrome...I know yuck!) My gut is finally healthy!

So after all these crazy results, I started sharing it with all my family and friends, and they too, started having awesome results and in turn a business grew. I am now making enough money to pay our mortgage (and that ain't cheap in Kauai) and helping people get healthy...all for my little investment of 34.95$. I never planned on a home business but God knew and set me up with the perfect business at the perfect time.

With a little bit of effort and just SHARING the amazing product Plexus has to offer, you too can have results and a successful business! I'd love to invite you to join my team and earn some extra money just as Amy did. Plexus has been very good to me and my growing team. 

Any questions feel free to email, comment, or visit my Website!

Sarah Hill
Independent Ambassador #358018
Plexus Worldwide

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