Tuesday, May 26, 2015

My Plexus Journey

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Today I wast to share my personal Plexus journey (short, but its just the start!).

I have struggled with weight the last several years because i just did not have the will power anymore. I was diagnosed with depression, lost touch with lots of family and friends, and ate to get out of the rut. If I wasn't eating I was sleeping (I'm talking 4 naps a day). Eating would help for a little while, but I would just eat more.

A scrapbook friend of mine introduced Plexus to me. To be honest, I just brushed it off and thought she was peddling ridiculousness in a bottle. I told her I would try it later that day (I didn't). I stowed that little 3-day trial she gave me for ONE WHOLE YEAR! When I was at my wits end I finally noticed her Plexus posts on Facebook. She was looking amazing. I was a little jealous.

Hmmm.... could this work for me? And where did I put her sample she gave me? I looked for almost an hour and finally found it!!

I tried my 3-day sample and was AMAZED at how much energy I had, how much motivation I had, and how I kind of felt like myself again. And that was after only ONE day.

I immediately messaged my friend and wanted to get this stuff all the time! I was a little hesitant about the initial cost, but it has been so well worth it!

After 2 weeks I was hooked. I mean, who doesn't want to feel better during the day?? But there's more! I not only was feeling better, I was SLEEPING better (after having years of terrible insomnia). And I didn't have to take my antidepressants to get through the day. I actually wanted to see people. And talk to people. I never thought I would feel like this. I thought I would have to live under the umbrella of depression and weight gain the rest of my life.

Here's me with 7 weeks with the aid of Plexus Slim, Biocleanse, and Probio5 (the Triplex Combo):

I will talk more about each of the products in my blog as we go. But if you want to message me directly we can chat about some options that may work for you. My door is always open!

I have lost 3 pant sizes, 2 top sizes, and 24 inches so far!! I now don't have to wear wide calf boots anymore. Which is huge because all the cute ones don't come in wide calf! My muffin top is melting away (you can see it loud and clear in the picture on the left). My love handles are thinning out. I even lost a bra size!! And its only been a few months with Plexus. I'm still on my journey but I'm loving every single minute of it!!

Our team is growing like ever before and that's because the products work! Join us today! 

Sarah Hill
Independent Ambassador #358018

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