Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Chronic Pain Could Be Banished

Having so many health issues can take a toll on anyone. It can be hard. It can be stressful. It can be frustrating. Below you can read about Angelia and her health and wellness journey with many issues that she thought she had to spend the rest of her life with...

Angelia shares her journey: It's been just over 7 months since I plunged head first into the amazing blessing known as Plexus!! I started my journey for overall wellness. Weight loss, while a fantastic side effect, WAS NOT my focus. I needed my life back! I needed to reclaim ME! 

After suffering from Fibromyalgia, Lupus, Chronic Fatigue, Sjogren Syndrome, Hypothyroidism, Anxiety, D
epression, Neuropathy and seasonal allergies....some of those for more than 15 years, I am free today from the bondage that these things have had on my life. I'm not saying that my diseases are cured or gone, but I am saying that thanks to Plexus, I have my quality of life back. I feel better than I did in my twenties!!
I no longer cringe in pain getting out of bed in the mornings.
My feet no longer hurt walking across the carpeted floors.
I no longer have to take naps.
I haven't needed allergy meds this season.
Stress and anxiety no longer rule my thoughts.
I'm a much happier mom and wife.
I've broken a lifelong addiction with soda and sugar.
Coffee doesn't speak to me every single morning.
I have energy through the roof.
No more fluid retention
I am off ALL prescription meds!!
Down 22lbs and 20 overall inches!!

And the list goes on and on!! As I prepared this to post my son saw my newest pictures and commented that I was so beautiful...and you know what I feel it!! My ONLY regret with Plexus...was not starting sooner. 


Angelia stated she wished she started sooner. I agree with her! I definitely wish I would have started the minute my friend shared the benefits with me. 

Sarah Hill
Plexus Ambassador #358018

Thursday, May 28, 2015

How to Make Money with a Home Based Business and a Life

You think you don't have the time to start a business. Think again!  

Here's Amy's testimony. She's a Homeschooling mother of 7!!! Anyone would think she doesn't have the time or energy to run a business. Think again! Amy shares.... 

I first started Plexus in March of last year because my most trusted nutritional guru of a friend told me about it. Picture the crunchiest mama you know, who researches every ingredient and leads a completely holistic lifestyle...that was my friend. She had seen me struggling trying to lose the last 15 lbs of baby weight. I replaced one meal a day with a shake (yummy) but I felt cheated because I wasn't actually chewing (I like to chew) and I felt like I would overeat at the next meal. I worked out at the gym everyday (I loathe working out) I know! I know! It is good for me but the last thing I want to do when I get a free moment is that! But I still was not losing like I hoped and I was crabby.

When I bought my Plexus products I signed up as an ambassador because it made my products cheaper and the membership was only $34.95 with no quotas. Within the first week of being on Plexus I lost 4 lbs and then by week 2 a total of 7lbs. I was so excited. I kept with it and ended up losing a total of 15lbs.The weight though was not even the most successful part...I had so much energy that I could run laps around my kids. I used to be the mom that scheduled everything around nap times because I too, was going to nap. Not anymore! I also suffered from pre-menopausal symptoms since the age of 28 (34 years old now). Every night I would have horrible night sweats and my hair was falling out in handfuls. By month 2 all that had changed. My hormones were finally balanced. I also have no more IBS (irritable bowel syndrome...I know yuck!) My gut is finally healthy!

So after all these crazy results, I started sharing it with all my family and friends, and they too, started having awesome results and in turn a business grew. I am now making enough money to pay our mortgage (and that ain't cheap in Kauai) and helping people get healthy...all for my little investment of 34.95$. I never planned on a home business but God knew and set me up with the perfect business at the perfect time.

With a little bit of effort and just SHARING the amazing product Plexus has to offer, you too can have results and a successful business! I'd love to invite you to join my team and earn some extra money just as Amy did. Plexus has been very good to me and my growing team. 

Any questions feel free to email, comment, or visit my Website!

Sarah Hill
Independent Ambassador #358018
Plexus Worldwide

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

How Candida Yeast Overgrowth Affects Weight Loss

Hello from the Blog-o-sphere!

I'm so excited to share yet another health related blog post with you today. I'm going to explain how poor gut health may be a deterrent to your weight loss. As you know from yesterday's blog post that I was very unhealthy for many many years. I was gaining so much weight for the last couple of years I ended up being at my highest weight EVER. The madness had to stop.

I first started my weight loss journey counting calories and doing Zumba cardio for 7 months. Yes, I lost almost 25 pounds. But I was still looked overweight. The weight wasn't coming off fast enough for me. I felt like I was starving myself (I wasn't... I was still getting my recommended 1,800 calories a day). But when you feel like you're hungry all the time sometimes I wondered if it was worth it.

However, when I started my Plexus journey, I learned a lot about Candida Yeast Overgrowth in the last few months. It's amazing that about 70% of your immune system is in your gut. So if your gut is not healthy that means you are not healthy. Or as healthy as you could be. You could have something called Leaky Gut. Your next question might be how do you know if you have a Candida Yeast Overgrowth or not.

Some common symptoms of this phenomena known as leaky gut are:
*Feeling tired all the time
*Nail fungus
*Digestive issues
*Autoimmune disorders
*Mental disorders
*Poor memory
*Skin rashes
*Vaginal infections
*Seasonal allergies
*Difficulty losing weight
*Strong sugar cravings

I had 6 of the common symptoms. How many do you have?

Now you need to break down the Candida Yeast Overgrowth, flush the toxins out of your system (the toxins from the Candida are what's causing your body to basically attack itself), and get rid of the overgrowth. Next you need to repopulate the gut with friendly bacteria that helps your body function how it is supposed to. When your body functions as it is supposed to your body can heal itself. And that means your body may be able to shed those extra pounds it has been holding onto as reserve. I guess in case you're lost in Antarctica like Survivorman.

The reason Candida Yeast overgrowth affects weight loss is because your Candida overgrowth is constantly feeding off of sugar consumption. The processed foods you eat every day (me included) have so much sugar in them its ridiculous. So the body starts craving sugary foods and drinks because the Candida needs that to survive. Then you eat more and more sugary foods and drinks. Then the Candida overpopulates. The cycle continues. The weight packs on.

After getting my gut health under control I lost 24 inches. Check out my Before and After photo HERE. The picture on the left is after 7 months of "eating right" and hard cardio. My gut health was out of control! Sometimes clean eating (well, what you think clean eating is) doesn't do the trick. When I got my gut health in order I was able to shed the unwanted fat.

A few more things a healthy gut may do for you (everyone is different):
*Better Sleep!
*More Energy!
*Mental Clarity
*Better Digestive System
*Less Skin Irritations
*Less Allergies
*Weight Loss
*Less Sugar Cravings

The BEST Candida Yeast fighter I have found is the Plexus Triplex Combo found HERE. The Slim helps regulate blood sugars (which aids in food cravings), Biocleanse (which rids the body of unhealthy bacteria and regulates bowels), and the Probio5 (which repopulates the gut with good bacteria and has the best ingredients on the market to break through the Candida wall).

I'd love to hear from you! Email me, visit my Plexus website, or leave a comment!!

Sarah Hill
Independent Ambassador #358018

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

My Plexus Journey

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Today I wast to share my personal Plexus journey (short, but its just the start!).

I have struggled with weight the last several years because i just did not have the will power anymore. I was diagnosed with depression, lost touch with lots of family and friends, and ate to get out of the rut. If I wasn't eating I was sleeping (I'm talking 4 naps a day). Eating would help for a little while, but I would just eat more.

A scrapbook friend of mine introduced Plexus to me. To be honest, I just brushed it off and thought she was peddling ridiculousness in a bottle. I told her I would try it later that day (I didn't). I stowed that little 3-day trial she gave me for ONE WHOLE YEAR! When I was at my wits end I finally noticed her Plexus posts on Facebook. She was looking amazing. I was a little jealous.

Hmmm.... could this work for me? And where did I put her sample she gave me? I looked for almost an hour and finally found it!!

I tried my 3-day sample and was AMAZED at how much energy I had, how much motivation I had, and how I kind of felt like myself again. And that was after only ONE day.

I immediately messaged my friend and wanted to get this stuff all the time! I was a little hesitant about the initial cost, but it has been so well worth it!

After 2 weeks I was hooked. I mean, who doesn't want to feel better during the day?? But there's more! I not only was feeling better, I was SLEEPING better (after having years of terrible insomnia). And I didn't have to take my antidepressants to get through the day. I actually wanted to see people. And talk to people. I never thought I would feel like this. I thought I would have to live under the umbrella of depression and weight gain the rest of my life.

Here's me with 7 weeks with the aid of Plexus Slim, Biocleanse, and Probio5 (the Triplex Combo):

I will talk more about each of the products in my blog as we go. But if you want to message me directly we can chat about some options that may work for you. My door is always open!

I have lost 3 pant sizes, 2 top sizes, and 24 inches so far!! I now don't have to wear wide calf boots anymore. Which is huge because all the cute ones don't come in wide calf! My muffin top is melting away (you can see it loud and clear in the picture on the left). My love handles are thinning out. I even lost a bra size!! And its only been a few months with Plexus. I'm still on my journey but I'm loving every single minute of it!!

Our team is growing like ever before and that's because the products work! Join us today! 

Sarah Hill
Independent Ambassador #358018

Monday, May 25, 2015

What is Plexus?

Exactly what is PLEXUS? 

Plexus Slim was co-developed by two scientists whose desire was to create a plant-based consumable product for diabetics in hopes of reducing their need for diabetic medication/insulin. In the clinical trial, they found that the diabetics were reporting back that they had better daytime energy, they were sleeping better at night, their blood sugars balanced out to normal in that they were no longer needing their medication, they had a reduced appetite, lost their desire for sugar, they no longer needed their cholesterol or blood pressure medication AND as a side effect – they were losing weight.
Plexus Worldwide was approached by the scientists and asked them to market this product as a weight loss product in 2009. In 2011 the co-developers developed a plant based “Accelerator” product to go in conjunction with the Slim drink that would aid in fat loss quicker. Since that time testimonies are coming out of the woodwork from people who are getting relief from a wider variety of illness than anticipated. While the company does not advertise these as issues that are being resolved, testimonies are coming about every day for relief from illnesses such as Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Lupus, Rheumatoid arthritis, Migraines, Hormonal imbalances, Infertility, Depression, Thyroid disease, Gout, Acne and so much more.
Plexus works by first filtering through the liver and breaking down sugar BEFORE it gets to the pancreas. When the pancreas isn’t overworked, the body releases bad fat it has been holding on to. Most diets/exercise regimens “FORCE” fat off the body. But when the exercise or the diet ceases, the weight comes back. When the body releases bad fat naturally, in an un-forced fashion it does not come back. Because of our modern North American diet with highly processed foods and our obsession with sugar consumption, our pancreas does not function well – thus the 65 million obese people statistic and the 25.8 million adults and children who have diabetes, with 1.9 million new cases a year! This is alarming. We now have a product within our reach that can help those who struggle with obesity, diabetes and overall general well-being.

When our bodies are out of balance, it leads to a myriad of illnesses like a domino effect. Plexus goes in and stabilizes what is wrong in the body and makes it right with weight loss being a side effect. There is no dieting with Plexus. Simply put, the product works by changing what you desire in ways of suppressing the appetite and taking away your desire for sugar/sweets/junk. Our part is to be mindful of how much we are satisfied with and whether or not we truly need to have that dessert! If you allow the product to, it will do its part and you do yours. It will balance out what is wrong in the body and make it right. Once the body is in balance, it will release the bad fat it has been holding on to.
Plexus comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. They allow for 60 days, because we shouldn’t expect weight loss results before then. If there is, it is a pleasant surprise. But for many, it may take the full 60 days for the body to balance itself out. The abnormalities within the body didn’t happen overnight and for most, it will not come off overnight. Please be aware that most people lose inches before they lose pounds. So be sure to take measurements! But what you will notice immediately is that you feel fantastic and you cannot put a price on feeling fantastic while the Plexus is balancing out your body to get to optimal health. 
Who doesn't love a FULL 60 day money back guarantee? Is that awesome or what?!

Thanks for stopping by the Pink Drink blog! Stay Tuned for more health info everyday! 

Sarah Hill
Independent Plexus Ambassador #358018